Agile Conference Belgrade, April 27, 2018 [MACES an Event Supporting Partner]

For the third year in a row, Belgrade (Serbia) will be the meeting place of the world-renowned IT and Agile experts! Agile Serbia Conference will be held on the 27th of April, with the main topics: Agile methodologies, leadership and software development.

Agile Serbia Conference is one of the biggest events on the Agile approach to Product Development in the CEE Region! Last year's conference was attended by over 500 participants from 12 European countries. This classified Agile Serbia Conference as an European brand, recognized especially in the IT industry, where Agile methodologies are  most used. Agile approach, which records a constant trend of growth in the world and in our region, attaches great importance to cooperation with clients and rapid response to changes, and therefore its founders and advocates claim that it is excellent for complex development projects. For this year, organizers announced lectures and discussions on three stages, Coaching Corner, and many surprises that will make the conference even more interactive.

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The celebrity and the keyonte of this year's conference is Bob Hartman, better known as Agile Bob! He was a Board member of the Scrum Alliance for 2015 (a global umbrella organization for Scrum framework). He collaborated with more than 100 world-renowned companies. With his lecture “Why 21st Century Leadership and Agility Go Hand in Hand”, he is going to open the conference.

Beside him, the EPIC (glavnoj) stage performers are: Marcello Duarte, Marc Löffler, Karl Scotland, Olaf Lewitz and Ángel Medinilla. On the DEV stage there will be discussions on the current topics from the world of Agile product (software) development. Interactive workshops will take place on the EXE stage and they always cause great interest among visitors.

Coaching Corner is intended to the informal conversations of the Agile Coaches and conference participants, and the exchange of experiences among them. In addition to all the aforementioned, organizers announced the "premier" of the application for business match making! The application is the product of a sponsor and organizer of the conference, an IT company Puzzle Software. Since the Agile Serbia Conference is an event intended for both, programmers and different levels of management, in Puzzle Software is believed that this application will help participants to create new business contacts, exchange ideas and take the first steps towards new collaborative projects.

Numerous companies have recognized the significance of the conference for the Agile and IT community in the CEE region. Endava (the Golden Sponsor), Quantox Technology (the Silver Sponsor) and the Scrum Allinace (the Special Sponsor).

Applications for the conference are open. More information is available at Be agile, see you on April 27!

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