Agile, In & Beyond IT - international  Conference – Belgrade, 12.Jun.2019 (MACES, Event supporting partner)

Madlenianum Theater will be a meeting place for numerous Agile and IT experts on June 12th. The 4th Agile Serbia Conference will present this year a theme "Agile, In & Beyond IT" to its visitors.

Agile approach has already emerged from the boundaries of the software development, because other industries recognize it as the perfect solution for their improvement of organizations and teams, products and services development, the complete business development process overall. That’s why this is the highlight of the conference, offering top tech and business topics and speakers.

The star of this year's Agile Serbia Conference is Jeff Sutherland, a founder of Scrum, the living legend of Agile; Riina Hellstrom - Agile HR Expert; Sander Hoogendoorn - Leads organizations through changes; Stefan Tilkov – INNOQ; David Evans - Agile consultant; Aino Vonge Corry - Recognized expert; Mirko Kleiner - Agile Enterprise Coach.

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The main innovation of the conference is the official application, Match About, with purpose to provide a new dimension to the event and offer visitors multiply options and opportunities for interaction. Coaching Corner is an area created for informal conversation between the participants of the conference and the coaches. There is also a BIZ Corner as a place for networking and exchanging of experiences.

Many companies, organizations and media from the country and the region have supported the Agile Serbia Conference. Agile Serbia Conference is a place where you can hear and learn a lot of things, meet new trends and technologies from Agile world, get opportunity to talk to the most prominent Agile and Scrum professionals from country and abroad. So, don’t miss this event!

Registration is ongoing and the seats are limited, get your ticket on time. All information available at Agile Serbia team welcomes you.

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